Who is omar sharif dating

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For those of us old enough to remember, Sharif was a cinema idol, a smolderingly handsome Egyptian leading man of the 1960s embraced by Hollywood and catapulted into international prominence – as well as Oscar contention – for his role in Lawrence of Arabia. Yet in spite of all this the matinee idol almost overnight was transformed from superstar to villain, from celebrity to pariah.Success followed success and his fame became further cemented by his starring role in yet another sweeping historical epic, Dr. His crime was something that could not be forgiven.Am I supposed to change my feelings when I get back into my street clothes Well, I can't always do it..." The affair between the two stars of Funny Girl remained a talking point in Hollywood for years.Today, Barbra Streisand says she looks back with a twinge of regret. "Fact and fiction got mixed up and I think we both lost our heads for a while.I loved Fanny Bryce not Barbra Streisand, although neither of us knew it at the time."Isn't fiction often more fascinating than reality It's hard to stop loving someone when the director yells 'Cut.' My co-star is beautiful and asks me to love her on screen for weeks or even months."When I told him who it was I knew he wouldn't let the news out.If just one reporter had found out, all hell would have broken loose." By now Barbra was telling friends that she'd met "the most wonderful man in the world - a guy who makes me feel so tender and warm and looked after." When someone at a nightclub asked who it was, she whispered the name and a passing gossip writer overheard. The world learned of the affair the day the filming of Funny Girl finally ended ...

When the Six Day War began there was pressure on the studio to sack Omar Sharif but William Wyler declared: "This is America, the land of freedom.

Had news that they were actually having an affair broken out, the studio would have had no alternative but to sack both Streisand and Sharif.

As it was, director William Wyler had had to fight hard to get his bosses to agree to Sharif in the first place.

A closed sports car roared up the winding drive to Gregory Peck's Hollywood mansion, and a tall dark man climbed from the driving seat and looked warily round.

Only then did he usher his passenger, a small frail girl in huge dark glasses, into the house.

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