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Hell, there’s even a church at one end – convenient for sailors who felt the need to atone for their recent sins before setting off to sea again.With one of the city’s iconic canals running through it, it feels both safe and comfortable, provided you can look past the porcelain-doll looking, lingerie-clad prostitutes eyeing you from top to tail and instead focus on the hordes of giggly, selfie-snapping tourists.Mboro said he is going to watch some of his congregants having sex in their bedrooms today to satisfy himself that his prayers to inject energy back into their limping manhoods were successful.The couples are likely to be shown on Mboro's Facebook page eating the forbidden fruit.A quick look around revealed a toilet paper dispenser, of sorts, mounted on the wall for easy cleanup – how convenient, I thought. There’s no worse situation than being caught with your pants literally down, mid-peep, only to be rudely interrupted by a darkened window and confronted by the frustration of trying to feed a wrinkled bill into a small slot, with one hand. Once we’d put in the proper amount, the window quickly became clear, and voila, there were two very good-looking people, enjoying some vigorous doggy style, just five feet away from us, on an Austin Powers-style rotating bed (seriously).

He testified that they regained their libido after he prayed for them.

There’s typically a rate of charge for viewing, and this is where you pay that fee. Admittedly, the act did seem a bit robotic, but sex is kind of like pizza, isn’t it? My gaze firmly fixed upon the gyrating two-some, I stared in amazement and bewildered arousal.

The couple pounded away at each other, switching positions frequently as the carousel of carnal delights slowly rotated, ensuring that everyone got a proper eye-full of every angle, every hole, and all the corresponding bits and pieces.

There’s an old saying about acting like a Roman when you’re in Rome.

In this case, Rome would, of course, be Amsterdam’s Red Light District, so named for the red glow of the windows adorned with sultry babes ready to satisfy your every desire for a negotiable hourly rate.

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