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If you're prepared for your spicy romance to make headlines, check out these eight compelling reasons to let a journalist be your only subscriber.1.They're Not Afraid To Take Risks Being a journalist is all about using any means necessary to not only find the perfect story but to back it up with credible sources.Journalism is a profession that stands out among others because of the eclectic variety of skills it requires of a person. But here are some reasons why you should take up the challenge: Stemming from their passion to explore the world, journalists love to discover places and travel to destinations where no one usually goes.They are always looking for new experiences (also potential “news stories”) and never get tired of unfolding opportunities.Journalists always believe in causes and have dreams for a better future.They passionately fight for their beliefs, which make them more attractive than the rest.

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Recent studies show how writing can improve your emotional and physical health — and we're willing to bet that falling for these connoisseurs of the written word will be one of the greatest things to happen to your love life.

In a survey conducted by Bliss Integrated, 2/3 of the journalists questioned stated that they would rather "get thoroughly vetted statistics rather than preliminary data more quickly".

Getting the information right is more important than getting the information .

They will never push you to a limit you don’t feel comfortable with, of course because they understand the suffering of being pushed by editors to submit stories by a tight deadline.

Writing different topics every day, they understand that people change and sometimes their needs change as well.

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