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Some of the "Top Drawer" wrenches in the auction include: A Coes Double Screw adjustable nut wrench and several other early Coes monkey wrenches, a Kibler patent Oct 30, 1900 adjustable wrench, a John Morris patented pipe wrench, a Columbian Wrench patented Sept. * a / separates markings on one side of the wrench from the other side. CRESSEY - PAT MAR, 1876 (weak markings) - - 24" all metal variant of the Cressey pipe wrench (see lot 0001 above).

* If a wrench is misnumbered in a photo the description number will prevail.

Excellent original condition except for a letter "H" punched over markings on one side. AMERICAN WRENCH & SPECIALTIES CO CHICAGO USA / No. 8 IN GEARENCH (sic) TRADEMARK - FORGED STEEL - PATENTED / GEARENCH MFG CO. BROOKS PATENT / LOCK BOTTON NUT FEFORE USING - 7" adjustable nut wrench. PAT JAN 11, 1876 - JAN 9, 1877 - - 12" all metal cast malleable monkey wrench patented by O.

I am also available to advise and assist auctioneers who have old wrenches to auction. 1900 - - 12.5" quick adjust rack type wrench with a lever that releases the upper jaw. BONNEY VISE & TOOL WKS MAR 3, 1908 PHILA (weak markings, not all readable) - - 15.75".

Friday April 4, and Saturday April 5, 2014 AUCTION STARTS AT P. FRIDAY (approximately 1/2 hour after Wrench Club Meet ends) AND AT A. SATURDAY AT THE CITY AUDITORIUM, 6TH & NEBRASKA AVENUE YORK, NEBRASKA This year's auction consists of wrenches and other antiques form several Missouri Valley Wrench Club members. Patent was issued to Edward Wright of Worcester, Mass. Wood handled threaded shaft type combination nut and pipe wrench with pipe cutter attachment.

of Indianapolis, IN (earlier by Noblesville Foundry & Machine C0.

WINNER TOOL CO - PUYALLUP, WASH - 10" PIPE WRENCH PAT'D 1925 DROP FORGED CHROME VANADIUM - - 9.75" rack type quick adjust pipe wrench.

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