Online dating men give phone number

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If you snooze, you lose in the world of online dating.You must strike while the iron and the desire is still hot.With these tips, you should be able to get your phone number into the hands of most men.To avoid the “waiting for the phone to ring” syndrome that often follows, you should always try to do two things: Get his number too, and tell him when it would be a good time to call.

If you don't give your cell or mobile phone number to these women and men at some stage, then somebody else will.When you send the text, add a note: “Call me if you need any help along the way, or just to let me know how it went!” Maybe he wants to see Doobie Schwartz play his guitar at the coffee house and you have the calendar at home (well, you might actually just call them to find out) and you can text him the dates he will be performing later.He has to know you are interested in him as a man and not just a friend, and he has to be able to feel the excitement and the possibilities of romance that might be available to him if he were to pursue things further with you. Men fear rejection and need to know they won’t get smacked down if they make a move in the direction of romance.Look for a hook in the conversation that you can latch on to.

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