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Several of the victims that Operation Dark Room has revealed were in the infant age range.

Many were grossly abused, and some of the abuse appears to be torture," the police said in a statement.

Rune: 'Pim and I, we are happy, we have our own house, no money problems and I respect her, this is the story with many Norwegian men with a Thai wife.

My friends do not treat her badly; many ask her about Thai women and life in Thailand and want to know how to find a Thai woman also.' Rune's wife Pim is 32 years, 6 years younger than him.

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A report by a Thai University student into Thai women living in Germany also highlighted the vulnerability of Thai women immigrating to a colder western country.

She is equally adamant that the story of Thai women in Norway is more a positive one than a negative one. I am happy to live in Norway with my husband.' The TV programme comes at a time when a government report in Finland concluded that well over 90% of marriages between Thai women and men from Finland were happy ones.

Finnish women's groups had called for an investigation into the high levels of Thai women opting to live at home as housewives.

'If there was a problem, men would not be travelling there.

Most Norwegian men are fair people,' says Rune who met his Thai wife Pim in Khon Khaen, Thailand two years ago after meeting her on the internet through a Thai Dating site.

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