My boyfriend still checks his online dating profile

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That way you have access to all that juicy information you crave at anytime.

You can drag the photos right off the website and onto your computer.

Most men use dating site apps for their smart phone.

Once logged in for a quick check, the phone will keep them logged in for the better half of the day making it appear as if he’s always online. And single people are free to date anyone they wish, as often as they wish (it’s one of the perks of being single).

Plus the very act of online dating seems to send a message to people that the grass is always greener on the other side, and to spread yourself out there as much as possible.

So what if you have met a guy and discovered that he’s still ‘shopping around’ online?

And voila, you have your very own file on your hard drive for your handy reference Block him from view by deleting him out of your search results once you’ve printed out his profile.

I believe wholeheartedly that in this case, ignorance bliss. Some sites are smart enough to charge you for a privacy feature, so you have to pay them to stalk privately.

Hopping online for a drive-by is not kind to your sweet little spirit, and you lose your capacity to be your best self when you’re with him. I recommend you try hard—very, very hard—to avoid peeking.

You might think looking at him online isn’t that big a deal. The truth is, it’s not going to help your situation. It’s one of the things that drive women off a site, away from online dating, and even drive off the man.

You mean you just poke your nose into his private business? In my forty-five years, I’ve never read a man’s email, checked his phone, looked up anything on him. She was smitten with him like so many other women stumbling across his alluring profile. As they began their courting process, she continued to “visit” him, and seeing his activity (or inactivity, in this case) gave her comfort and confidence in what they were building.

Normally, I’m not compelled to do this, and frankly, I don’t understand women who do. Even if I felt I had something to concern myself with, I wouldn’t go about getting the information behind his back. So it was shocking to see that even (a non-snooper) have in fact stuck my nose right where it didn’t belong. He’d tell her, “Yeah, I only pop online occasionally just to answer the emails coming in.” His words matched his actions.

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