Itemupdating not firing

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Handling of such events is facilitated by event receivers.

We have many Share Point event receiver classes in order to handle variety of events.

Field Updated – This occurs after a field is updated in a list.

Field Updating – This occurs when a field is being updated in a list.

There are basically two types of event receivers: Synchronous and Asynchronous event receivers.

Synchronous event receivers are also known as ‘Before’ event receivers.

Item Unchecked Out – This occurs after un-checking an item in a list.

Field Adding – This occurs when is field is being added to a content type.The same limitation of ‘using feature’ applies to content type also because a content type cannot be associated with a site.Sequence Number determines when the event receiver should get executed in case if more than one event receivers are about to be executed.While developing any application we need to handle some events.For example, when a new item is added to a list, we may need to perform some action like say, notifying the person who created the list item, or modifying the dependent entries in some other location etc.

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