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All the awesome tunes of the nineties and noughties, including the irresistible Flawless. classics of the ‘new pop’ revival to the chart topping success of the eighties album Faith."Fastlove" is an energetic tune about the need for gratification and fulfillment without concern for commitment. Entitled "I'm Your Man '96", it was an update of one of their last singles, a decade earlier.The song was the second single taken from Michael's third studio album Older, which was his first studio album in six years and only the third of his solo career. A re-sung but otherwise identical chorus of the Patrice Rushen hit "Forget Me Nots" was used toward the end of the song, although no co-writing credit was initially given.

The video ends with the same flickering virtual reality image that introduces to the video.At one point, one of the dancers is shown wearing headphones displaying the word 'FONY' in the style of the Sony corporate logo, a reference to the contractual dispute Michael was having at the time with Sony Music Entertainment (formerly CBS Records).Throughout the video, there is a variety of men and women, who display a spectrum of characteristics, including one who is shy, another who is lustful, and another who is a complete emotional wreck (played by Rachel Williams) sitting in the chair and using the remote control to summon more sexual characters.This problem was rectified in the liner notes of Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael.Entertainment Weekly's Jim Farber gave the song an "A", he stated: "It took real guts to release a salute to a one-night stand in this, the era of abstinence," also praising its "devilishly seductive bass" and "sleekly probing horns".

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