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The infected auxilary sites, which are among the company's most trafficked, similarly rack up millions of visitors each month.While the behemoth size of the target made it one of the most insidious attacks in a long while, chasing game this big is not unprecedented for this class of cybercriminal, said David Sendroff, founder and CEO of ad fraud detection firm Forensiq."You've got to make it more difficult for malware to compromise machines with these sort of attacks." Preventive steps include making sure that you have a malware-resistant firewall in place and that your Flash plug-in is the most recent version available.Other personal protections, however, can sometimes cause advertisers even more headache.

These tactics — along with a toolbox of other advertising cons — have become a scourge of the free consumer internet, where ads are the lifeblood of millions of websites.

In a statement, Yahoo said that it had successfully shut down the offending advertisers after the firm alerted it to the problem.

The company also charged the firm with exaggerating the extent of the threat.

See Yahoo's full statement below: Yahoo is committed to ensuring that both our advertisers and users have a safe and reliable experience.

As soon as we learned of this issue, our team took action to block this advertiser from our network. With that said, the scale of the attack was grossly misrepresented in initial media reports and we continue to investigate the issue.

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