Coast guard dating policy

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When hazing has occurred our policy requires that offenders are held accountable.All Commanding Officers are required to investigate any hazing incident and initiate appropriate action to hold those accountable for hazing misconduct, as well as to ensure accountability within the chain of command if hazing was condoned.Hazing Victim Racial Profiles No data is available to determine if hazing was or was not a contributing factor in any suicide that has occurred in the Coast Guard.Throughout the past ten years, the number of suicides has remained fairly consistent, averaging six active duty and reservist suicides per year, which represents roughly 0.01 percent of our workforce. Chairman, Ranking Member Davis, and distinguished members of the Committee.Thank you for the opportunity to appear before you to discuss issues related to military hazing.Other victims are distributed across many racial profiles to include one Asian-American, one African-American, one Hispanic, one Hawaiian Islander and one Native American/Alaska Native.

Traditional ceremonies are permitted but must be conducted with proper command sanction and oversight to prevent harassment of any kind.

According to court records, the hazing took place in the berthing areas of the ship while underway and was done unbeknownst to senior leadership.

The seven courts-martial resulted in five members receiving confinement or restrictions of up to five months, six members being reduced in pay grade, three members forfeiting pay, one member being discharged, and one member receiving a Bad Conduct Discharge.

Depending on the severity of the hazing incident, and how it is disposed of, punishment may include confinement, fines, reduction in rank, and/or punitive discharge from the Coast Guard.

Similar to hazing, prohibited harassment policy is found in the Coast Guard’s Civil Rights Manual.

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