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The Subaru GTP trade in values are strong, and while trading a near new car costs money, with a strong trade in value on one end and discounted price on the 2018 on the other end, the amount is reasonable given the new features.

And going forward, the new 2018 Outback, Crosstrek, and Legacy will hold their value better than the 17 and prior models which instantly seem dated.

Crosstrek got the same upgrades as the Outback and sales are 12,823, up 45% over 8/2016. We're already seeing some late model, almost new Outbacks and Crosstreks traded in for the new 18s.

It makes sense if you like the new features and want to keep the car long term.

All info subject to change, correction, frequent updating.

The WRX and STI are always popular because they're the WRX and STI. The BRZ is beautiful car that everyone looks great in, and is fun to drive, but small and hard to get in and out of. Premium, Sport, and Limited model headlights are now auto-on with front wiper use.The 18 Forester will do well because its a great, practical car but many people will wait for the 19 redesign..There's a still a very strong supply of 17 Outbacks available with deeply discounted prices and 0% financing to 63 months on approval of credit.If you're anywhere in the area and buying a Subaru, call me and lets talk about what you want.Note- this unofficial independent, unauthorized Subaru research website is designed to help you learn about Subarus.

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